About Genius Boards

Genius Boards is the sister company of Genius Methods, streamlined to serve larger, listed companies more effectively.

Genius Methods was originally formed in 2003 with a focus on compliance in the Financial Services sector, using a bespoke online questionnaire tool to gather information for our evaluations. A more advanced version of the same technology lies behind much of what we do today.

In 2009, our emphasis shifted from compliance to governance, reflecting broader changes in thinking on best practice, and a changing legal framework of governance legislation and guidelines. Good governance is about more than just meeting a set of criteria, it’s based on an understanding that how a Board operates and communicates affects the entire organisation, and that when working effectively, a Board can add value, improve sustainability and create growth.

Genius Boards was formed in 2019 to cater more exclusively to the needs of listed companies who want their Board Evaluations to provide a genuinely refreshing view and deliver real change. Our focus is on your Board and its fitness for the future, considering leadership, communication, challenge, debate, decision making, transparency, risk assessment and succession planning.

Every situation is different, we don’t apply a formula, we apply a philosophy.