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Company    :    Genius Methods Ltd / Genius Boards Limited
Location      :    South Buckinghamshire / London
Role             :    Chairman and two Non-Executive Directors
Salary          :    Pro bono for first year, fees and / or investment considered from year two
Post Date    :    25 March 2019
Close Date  :    Midnight, Sunday 19th May
Websites     : (being updated);

About the Company

The Genius Group of Companies services two governance markets.

  • Board Governance, Board Evaluations, Board Development, NED Training and Director Mentoring.

Genius focuses on behaviour, EQ, social capability, empowerment, diversity, culture, ethics, leadership, chairmanship, communications, debate, challenge, decision making – all the human factors that are so critical in Board effectiveness.  We address the governance issues for example, board packs, information, agendas, governance structure, committee feedback, tenure, sustainability, succession planning, committee integration, risk management and a very specific passion on quality Chairmanship and Leadership.

  • Company Secretarial Governance, Empowering Company Secretaries, Training and Mentoring.

A Board is not effective without a competent Company Secretary, one that is respected, empowered, reports to the Chairman and the CEO, who has communications skills, is trusted, a witness, can smooth the waters, train NEDs, support the executive, lead on the governance agenda, ensure compliance understanding at Board level, lead on Nominations and succession planning delivery, support other committees and support good agendas, board packs and meeting minutes.

Genius is passionate about good governance and effective Boards.  The business is dynamic and proud to deliver Board Evaluations that make a real and lasting difference.

Genius delivers Board Evaluations across many sectors from FTSE to Financial Services, Housing to Investment Trusts, SME’s to NHS, Membership organisations to Charities.

Genius wishes to take a big growth step in the volume and nature of evaluations being handled.

About the Role

Three roles are being considered, Chairman and two Non-Executive Directors to lead the organisation through the next growth phase.

  • Significant experience in corporate governance
  • Have had the role of FTSE NED or Chairman
  • Have had experience in Financial Services as an Executive, NED or Chairman
  • Experience in turnaround / fast growth companies
  • Knowledge of a consultancy based business
  • Team player
  • Financial acumen is needed
  • Good grasp on risk
  • Competence in understanding owner run / small business / growth challenges
  • Connections in the Chairman market
  • Connections in the NED market
  • Connections in the Company Secretarial market

Core Responsibilities

  • Mentor to CEO
  • Challenge the executives
  • Work with executives on strategy formulation
  • Support the formulation of goals
  • Hold executives to account
  • Assess the markets and market changes

Required Capabilities

  • Understand the requirements of the Governance Code
  • Understand the requirements of other Regulators in relation to Board Effectiveness
  • Be connected in the governance market place
  • Good understanding of assessment processes
  • Experienced NED and or experienced Chairman

What is in it for Applicant

  • Be part of a governance organisation that is spearheading good governance focused on people and how they impact effectiveness
  • Be part of the strategy formulation to put this governance business on the map
  • Become better connected in the governance market place
  • Attend regular quality content seminars / panel debates / workshops being delivered by the company
  • Increase your network
  • Contribute directly to the formulation of services delivered by Genius
  • Be part of the publication of the organisations first book on Governance
  • Contribute knowledge to White Papers
  • Be a mentor to the CEO as the business grows its client base
  • Have the option to invest into the company, based on defined metrics

Commitment / Remuneration

  • Time Commitment is expected to range from 3 to 5 days, depending on the role, per quarter, delivered in pockets of hours not days at a time.
  • Full face to face Board meetings are quarterly with short Board calls for the months in between
  • Chairman expected to have more one to one contact with the CEO
  • Each NED/Chairman to lead on a different aspect of the growth agenda
  • Directors are expected to be the eyes and ears of the organisation and to alert the executives to relevant external information.
  • Non-remunerated initially, but metrics for remuneration based on growth will be agreed to convert to paid roles.
  • Directors may wish to consider an investment in the business
  • Directors may wish to get involved in relevant paid training and development initiatives

How to Apply

Please remit:

  • Maximum of a two pages relevant CV reflecting related achievements
  • Maximum of a two page:
    • Why role is wanted
    • Capabilities, skills and experience
    • What difference you will deliver to the organisation
  • Define which roles you are applying for as your first choice
  • Use the form below, or send applications directly to the CEO on
  • Reference you Email – “Genius NED Role”

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