Wellbeing & the Impact at Board Level

Drawing from the science of positive psychology, Erica Terblanche shares her expertise and comprehensive insights on addressing critical issues related to wellbeing, mental health, and the importance of integrating these considerations into corporate leadership and culture.

Her focus on the science of happiness, the significant impact of mental health crises globally, especially among younger populations, and the crucial role of board members and leaders in promoting a culture of wellbeing, offers a lot of food for thought.

Governance and Risk: The Secretary Bird’s Approach

In this podcast, our CEO Sharon Constançon, shares her wisdom with company secretaries and governance professionals on overcoming role-specific hurdles, emphasising the importance of compartmentalising challenges, mastering feedback, and adopting strategies to stay composed under pressure. She underscores the significance of maintaining calm, the art of initiating crucial conversations to mend strained relations, owning mistakes gracefully, and strategies to avoid the perception of being an obstacle, thereby establishing oneself as a pillar of trust and expertise.

The Role of EQ in Unlocking Board Effectiveness

In this insightful podcast, our CEO, Sharon Constançon, unveils the hidden challenges hindering board effectiveness through an intriguing octopus analogy, suggesting a unified cause at the core. She elaborates on elevating the emotional intelligence of key figures like the company secretary, chair, and directors as a strategic move to tackle these elusive problems, propelling the board toward realising its utmost potential.