Providing Board Members with Tailored Development & Training

Genius Boards maximises your Board’s capabilities through personalised development and training solutions. Recognising the distinctiveness of each Board, we implement a customised strategy to ensure impactful transformation.

Specialising in Board training, we foster a versatile, expert, and inclusive board capable of steering your company toward its strategic objectives. Our approach emphasises ongoing training, rigorous evaluation, and a steadfast commitment to the highest standards of governance.

Key Fundamentals

Our development and training solutions revolve around fundamental principles, including:

Ensuring Strong Chairmanship and Leadership
Fostering Clear Communications
Balancing Skills and Challenges
Implementing Effective Decision-Making Processes
Ensuring Quality Information and Risk Assessment
Facilitating Board Risk Management
Strategic Thinking for Long-Term Success
The Impact of Board Tone

The “tone from the top” is crucial for organisational development. Genius Boards helps Boards define their vision, mission, values, and ethics, ensuring a seamless flow into the organisation.

We focus on the nuances that differentiate a normal Board from a truly effective one, supporting continuous professional development for Directors.

Transforming Boards to Perform Better

Strengthening Board Governance Through Tailored Training & Development

Our Approach

“Genius Boards work with you, alongside you and your day job, to make you a top performing Board.”
Susie Hayward

Director of Risk & Compliance – Collinson

Our Unique Philosophy
Our Commitment

Boards play an integral role in organisational success and governance. A strategic commitment to board training and development is essential for long-lasting success.

Partnering with Genius Boards means gaining a strategic ally that empowers your Board with the necessary tools for sustained success. We actively transfer knowledge, skills, and techniques, with the goal of making ourselves obsolete as swiftly as possible.

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