Optimising Board Performance

Genius Boards is an independent provider of board performance reviews and evaluations, in the UK and internationally.

With our strong track record in delivering independent board performance reviews, we have added genuine value to boards across a diverse range of sectors;

Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Financial Services
Education & Social Impact
Private Equity

A highly effective board of directors is pivotal in the success of your organisation and adds significant value to your organisation, its customers, shareholders, directors, employees and various other stakeholders.

Recognising this, board performance reviews become an important process to improving
board performance and dynamics, irrespective of the size, status or type of organisation.

Board Evaluation Specialists

Providing independent Board Evaluations for enhanced Board dynamics

Our Board Evaluation Process

Our comprehensive and objective board performance review assesses current strengths and weaknesses of your board that lays out a measurable plan for sustained improvement.

During our reviews, we prioritise social, communication and interpersonal skills equally with technical skills, industry expertise and corporate structural design, all of which need to exist in balance and with sufficient diversity to achieve the optimal levels of decision making that will enable your Board to transcend its limitations and achieve true excellence.

The board performance review involves:

““Group Thinking” or lack of courage to ask the tough and strategic questions is the chief weakness on Boards today.”
Pearl Zhu

Our Commitment

As part of our commitment to driving sustained improvement, our board performance review includes 12 months of follow-on support, provided at no extra cost to the Board Chair, Secretary, and CEO. This support addresses the implementation of board performance review recommendations and new board effectiveness, governance, and performance issues arising during that period.

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