Mentoring and Coaching

Tailored mentoring and coaching can accelerate learning.

Learning by example can be one of the most effective ways of refining skills. Where training can provide a strong theoretical foundation and enhance skill sets, mentoring and coaching can help to bridge any gap in experience and enhance the practical implementation of your newly acquired knowledge.

Genius Boards will match you with a coach or mentor who possesses a wealth and variety of experience, selected from a broad range of industries to meet your specific requirements. Some programmes may offer “shortcuts to success”, but there’s really no substitute for hard work and learning from your own mistakes, except perhaps by learning from someone else’s – someone who’s been where you are, who intimately understands the challenges and issues you are facing and who can gently guide and advise you.

It’s hard to put a price on that, but we believe we’re able to offer a cost-effective programme that will add value to your organisation, and at the same time increase your value to your organisation. The success or failure of a project can hinge on what often appear to be very small differences in actions, decisions or attitudes, while the difference in rewards between success and failure can be enormous. Experienced guidance can help to swing that difference in your favour.