What is the value of questionnaires in a Board evaluation three-year cycle, with years two and three being light-touch, questionnaire-based reviews benchmarking progress from year one?

A questionnaire in combination with an interview approach (i.e. year one) tends to add limited additional content, but it does provide reporting and statistics in a visual red, amber, green format.

Are both a qualitative report and a quantitative report preferable in year one?

We note a lower appetite to complete a questionnaire in addition to Directors providing the time for interviews.

We suggest the two streams of assessing the information is useful if there are major issues that need highlighting graphically, or where there are more academic kind of Directors that will need to see a standardised process driving the sourcing information.

The higher value is achieved from a questionnaire designed from year one outcomes and bespoke to the recommendations raised for that board. This can then be used in years two and three to map the progress made on key recommendations and planned actions.